Welcome to Art of Place, where we celebrate the artist and the place, whether an actual place, concept, memory, or cultural icon. All of the art is from an original work of art, not from a generic production factory, that was created by an award-winning artist and reflects the personality and style of the creator. All wall art is professionally printed and produced in the USA on the highest quality materials using premium, long-lasting art inks that generate intense, rich colors that are true to the artist’s vision and original creation. The time and care put into producing your wall art will make it a tremendous addition of your kitchen, bedroom, family room, office, or even dorm room wall décor.

Dave Bartholet

South Dakota Duluth Minnesota Lake City Colorado Kalkaska Michigan Montana Colorado

Mike Bennett

Christmas Still Life Bass Lake Woodies on Boulder Bay, California Marshal Virgil Earp Trout Lake Trio of Canada Geese

Nicholas Bielemeier


Matt Brass

Yosemite National Park "The Great Valley" Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park Yellowstone Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota Sequoia National Park, "Land of the Giants" Rocky Mountain National Park "Jewel of the Rockies"

Benjamin Burch

Majestic Heights of Yosemite Venezia, Italia (Venice, Italy) Jungfrau Interlaken, Switzerland Lisbon, Portugal Mexico (Tierra Azteca) London, England, Great Britain

Darrell Bush

Eureka Montana Elk Challenge Mountains Banff Canada Lake Canoe Fire Banff National Park Elk Challenge Mountains Tomahawk Cabin Idaho Elk Challenge Grand Lake Colorado Boat Dock

Richard DeRosset

Powering Thru Cape Horn 700 Thru Cape Horn Peter Iredale Military Order of the World Wars USS Iowa Cruising USS Iowa Broadside

Evelyn Jenkins Drew

Ventura California Ventura California Topless San Diego Pismo Beach California Woodie Car & Surfboards Pismo Beach California Turquoise Woody Pismo Beach California Truck Hula

Libby Hoagland

Woman Dreaming Colorful Yantra Tree of Life with Woman and Cougars Colorful Imaginary Portrait of Woman and Eggs My Dragon: Colorful Imaginary Portrait with Woman Artist Cat Goddess with Flowers Bluebirds: Portrait of Woman & Her Nest of Birds

Joanne Kollman

Frankfort Michigan Frankfort Michigan Mackinac Island, Michigan Adirondack Chairs Birchwood Wisconsin Bayfield Wisconsin Apostle Island North Shore Two Harbors Minnesota


Glendo Reservoir Wyoming Lake Cascade Idaho Maiden Lake Wisconsin Yoch Lake Illinois Wrights Lake California Lake Hiwassee North Carolina

Paul Lanquist

Bainbridge Island Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park Red River New Mexico Paso Robles California Big Bear

Ike Leahy

Grand Teton Wyoming Jackson Hole Wyoming Grand Teton National Park Rainier National Park Big Sky Country Peace Hood River

Kari Lehr

Wyoming Winter Wolf Washington Winter Wolf North Cascades National Park Winter Wolf Michigan Winter Wolf Grand Teton National Park Winter Wolf Yukon Canada Up Close Grizzly

Paul Leighton

Oregon Grand Lake Colorado Grand Lake Colorado Grand Lake Colorado Grand Lake Colorado Grand Lake Colorado

David Linton

Frankfort Michigan Frankfort Michigan Frankfort Michigan Frankfort Michigan Crystal Lake Frankfort Michigan

Jim Mazzotta

Bird of Play New Bern North Carolina Montana Ducks Oregon Killer Whale  Sebastian Fish Oclock

Mike Rangner

Oregon Lighthouse Collage Michigan Frankfort Michigan Big Bear Lake Oregon Kayaking Bainbridge Island Washington Orcas

Lisa Sofia Robinson

Two Zebras Redwood Forrest Ladygray Horse Colorful White Rooster North Window Arches National Park Underwater Dance

Steve Terrill

Multnomah Falls In Winter Lady Bug Dew Drop Cabin In Mt Hood National Forest Oregon Yaquina Head flowers Yaquina Head LH Wizard Island Crater Lake

Henry Ward

Sasquatch in Quadrapus Dome A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Winky Owl Water is Sacred Walrus and Penguin Friends Unicorn and Friends

Scott Westmoreland

Woodie on Trestles Beach, San Clemente The Wedge Newport Beach Woodie on Surfside Beach Texas San Onofre State Beach San Diego Rincon, Santa Barbara, CA Oceanside Pier, San Diego, CA

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